Below are the Frequently Ask Questions by our Affiliates and Advertisers, if you have other concerns not listed here please use the live chat messenger or use the contact us page:

For Affiliates
a. How can I earn?
– There are 5 ways to earn and you can find them through this link https://refer.ph/how-to-earn/

b. How can I track my referrals?
– To track your referrals, just go to your Dashboard > Affiliate > Referrals

c. What is the verified and unverified status?
– Verified status is when your referral avail products on refer.ph while Unverified status is when your referral still in the process of availing products on refer.ph. Advertisers will confirm if your referral is valid or not.

d. I forwarded my affiliate links to 1,000 of my friends but i only got 10 clicks, why?
– You only have 10 clicks because you haven’t been promoting your referral link well or only 10 of your friends are interested. We recommend to post and share it on your social media sites such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and etc. Or message your friends on messenger, sms, gmail and skype. The more clicks you get, the more you earn.

e. How can I promote in facebook?
– Go to your Affiliate dashboard > Marketing > Product Links > Get the link and share it on Facebook. You can use “invite to all” function in refer.ph fb page and invite all your friends. Each affiliates signup you refer, you will get Php1.00 each.

f. How can I promote in facebook groups?
– Go to your Affiliate dashboard > Marketing > Product Links > Get the link > Post your referral link in facebook groups.

h. How can I promote in facebook messenger?
– Affiliate dashboard > Marketing > Product Links > Get Link then Promote your affiliate link by messaging your friends to sign up and click your link.

i. How can I promote in Youtube?
– First, increase your subscriber on your Youtube channel. Whenever you upload a new video you can include your affiliate link on the description box. You can also mention on your video to click the link on the description box and click your link and sign up on refer.ph

j. How can I promote in my website, blogs and forum?
– Create a blog entry or post about Affiliate Marketing or write a review on your website/blog or forum. Then share this post on your social media accounts. Make sure you have a hyperlink pointing to your referral link in refer.ph.

k. How can I promote using sms?
– You can promote by SMS blasting where you can include your affiliate link on the text messages so your receivers can click your link.

l. How can I promote using emails?
– You can promote using emails by Email Marketing or Email Newsletter. But first, you need to have a sign up form on your site so you can capture all the emails of your visitors. Then send an email update promotion weekly or whenever you choose. Alternatively, you can email all your friends directly.

m. How soon can i get my payout?
– Once you reach Php100 pesos referral earning, you can request for redemption payout via bank transfer.

n. Can you walkthrough me in my dashboard?
– Yes, you can message us directly in our live chat here during regular business hours

For advertisers

a. Is it safe?
– Yes, it’s safe! Refer.ph is secure. All payments for credit and debit card are processed by Paypal, the most popular payment gateway in the world. We’re going to make sure your money doesn’t turn into waste.

b. Will i get the likes, subscribers and website hits?
– Yes, you’ll get your positioning on your sites as long as you’re still advertising on refer.ph and your affiliates continue to promote your sites. Refer.ph will forward all unique visitors click going to your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube page to like/heart or subscribe though refer.ph doesn’t guarantee the action of our affiliates so there are chances that they might forget to like depending on your content but we can guarantee referral clicks to your page.

c. How long is my order?
– After placing your order, Refer.ph will confirm your payment then once everything is clear, the campaign will begin immediately. Depending on the package you avail, it usually requires 3 days to 2 weeks or more.

d. Are the likes human or fake accounts?
– Yes, all the likes are legit because the system can detect if they use duplicate accounts through their ip address. Each Ip address can only count as one.

e. Is there a change that i can dislikes, unsubscribe?
– We cannot ensure that the user will stay their likes and subscribe to your social media sites but we can guarantee to you that we will promote your links and get likes and subscribe.

f. What are the forms of payment?
– Through Bank Transfer, credit and debit card payment through Paypal.

g. Can i also join as affiliates even as advertisers?
– Yes by default, you are advertisers and affiliates at the same time

i. How will i know if you have delivered all the likes, subscribers and clicks?
– Of course you will see it on the number of your likes, subscribers and clicks will increase. We can track these by using our tracking system how many users are engaged or click on our referal link. In your order dashboard as well, you will see multiple status. Pending means we are verifying your order request and payment. On progress means that we are currently delivering your order and Complete once everything is delivered.

h. What are the benefits of forwarding links to my website, facebook page or youtube channel?
– You can gain, clicks and may increase your earnings or it may produce a conversion. It will increase your brand awareness at the same time. The more Likes, Followers, Subscribers and Views, the more changes you can generate leads and sales. For website clicks, the more unique traffic visit you generate, the higher search engine ranking you can get plus high potential generation of leads and sales.

j. Can i refund my payment?
– Refunds are case to case basis. You can refund if the order haven’t started yet but once we started the campaign then its no longer possible.